fractalweb is a network of freelance web designers, photographers and graphic designers

founded by Tom Sapey (BSc Artificial Intelligence) in 2005. Tom has been developing and publishing websites since 1996 and specialises in designing and writing database-driven sites. Now with an in-house server added to the network fractalweb is the one-stop shop for your website.

fractalweb’s perspective is different from many designers, in that we don’t want you to be dependant on us and keep having to come back every time you want to change something. We’re in the web design business to enable people, which is one reason we specialise in accessibility.

We’re interested in the way in which the world wide web can be used to empower individuals. For those of you just starting out; we can set you up with a basic web presence that is search optimised and which, with just a few hours training, you can continue to develop yourself.

Our bespoke content management system is easy to use. It’s similar to web based email: you add, delete or change the text and pictures, click on a ‘save' button and your new web page is created. Add bespoke software to the basic design, such as media players, and keep your site unique. News-feeds or events diaries can be automatically archived after they have expired, keeping your site up to date. Database-driven sites can be programmed to do many additional tasks automatically.

Including interactive tools in your site design aids group communication and encourages participation. Several users can keep the site updated from anywhere in the world. These aspects of the design give you the opportunity to form a communications hub for your group, or to gather information creating a database.

Technically, fractalweb is an IT business, but we think of ourselves as a people business. We’re not in this because we like computers, we do this because we like enabling people. Browsing our website portfolio gives you an idea of how we’ve helped people to communicate, reach out and participate in the world.